Wednesday, November 4, 2009

the days really do fly by...

The older I get, the faster I think times goes. At least thats how it feels for me. Apparently this concept isn't new for everyone else...
So today I have a job interview and then I am dropping my resume off at two resturants then heading into the city for dinner and drinks with a good friend. I think I am going to head to the gym for a workout (although I am pleasantly sore from yesterdays endevors doing a Body Pump like class.....good lord...). The instructor reminded me of an 80s version of that guy who wore shorts shorts (his name escapes me at the moment). I feel alot better when I am eating healthy and treating my body well, although, I will be the first to admit it isn`t easy. Whenever I get really busy and stressed out diet and exercise is the first to go. I am going to change that habit though (just saying that reminded me of a quote `trying is having the intension to fail`...which is why I now say I am going to do it ;))

This morning I was reading an artical in the Toronto star and it was talking about this screenwriter (guy who did Napolean Dynamite) and he commented on Facebook and the internet, saying that he didn`t have a facebook account and checks his email twice weekly because he feels like email eats up his time. I think this is so true. I could accomplish alot more if there wasn`t constant updates on peoples photos and lives (but of course its my choice to go there in the first place!!) I definetly want to limit the time I spend `crawling`the web although I can`t imagine not having it at all. It is a great connector for me with all the people I went to school with in New York. However, there is a difference when it comes to using it effectively and then just plain sitting and doing know what I mean.

I made an outline yesterday for my goals for the coming months and I am very excited to begin my plan of attack. I want to write my short film which I have been mulling over in my head for far to long, which will be shot this summer in vancouver (hopefully).
Someone said to me recently `acting is the best job when your working and the worst when your not` but I think the true challenge is being an entrepreneur and making your own work. My teacher said to me two years ago `no one needs you in this business, so find room and be important.`

If you feel like you have been letting something get so overwhelming in your mind, instead of looking at it in all of its greatness, look at it one step at a time and it will become more and more manageable.

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