Monday, November 2, 2009

There is always a first...

Hey there!

So this is my blog. I am twenty three, just moved back to Canada after living in New York for three years. It was insane (people always ask ' was that?!') but in a good way. I attended an acting conservatory for three years and then spent a year working in the performing arts doing several theater shows and independent films...all while living in a shoebox but enjoying life with great people...whom I miss.

I decided to start my own blog because I love reading them so much. I never really thought the internet could be so intimate but it is. Its like a giant huge loving outlet. I realized....quite quickly....I have a lot of good stories and things that happen to me on a daily basis that people can relate to and well...not going to lie...find humor in...yep....its true. Even if your not an actor you will find this blog to be a reliever. You might, dare I say, think to yourself 'My god...this girl makes my 9-5 job seem like a dream.'

So. I declared November get your ass back in gear month. I've kinda slid down the latter on that one. Hello halloween candy. Hello...wait...damn these jeans don't fit. Okay. So healthy month with lots of healthy eating and exercise. But ALACK!!!! what about my acting, how may I approach this demon of a blessing....why.... by dedicating time to voice work, writing and submitting for as many projects as I can get my hands on. Oh ya, and staying connected to the city while I live in buck* got it...Brooklin. You've never heard of it probably because you never needed to.

So I challenge you to do the same and figure out where you need to devote some time and energy and hop on it!!!

What have you got to switch up in order to be your best self this month?

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